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Only 13 days until kickoff!
WHEN: May 5-6, 2018
WHERE: Cincinnnati OH
FEES: U8, $450; U9-10, $500; U11-12, $525; U13-14, $550; U15-16, $575; U17-19, $600
Application deadline was: Monday, Mar 26, 2018
PAY TO: Cincinnati West Soccer Club; 169 St Annes Ave North Bend, Ohio 45052

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Cincinnati West Soccer Club

Cincinnati West Soccer Club is one of the fastest growing youth soccer clubs in the area because of
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Email Registration
March 26, 2018
All registration this year will be handled by EMAIL. There will be no registration event the night before the start of the tournament.

Procedure for sending via EMAIL:
• Make a PDF of the entire packet that is to be sent (one PDF file not a bunch of files) - see registration checklist

• In the subject header put your Team ID (starts with CINWEST) and your team name

o An example – CINWEST1521427834 Cincinnati West 05G Banchees

• Send the file to cwscsoccerfestreg18@gmail.com no later than May 1, 2018

• After the file is received, your application will be updated to show if your registration is “OK” or if there are
“Issues”. If there are issues the Reg Notes box will explain.

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CWSC is now accepting Sponsorship Packages
February 26, 2018
Cincinnati West will be offering sponsorship packages for the upcoming CWSC Soccerfest tournament May 5th and 6th. If you know any individual or organization that may want to be a sponsor, please contact our tournament director.

For perspective, last year we had roughly 250 teams and over 11,000 people who attended our tournament. This a great opportunity to advertise directly to a people in many key demographics. Roughly 75% of these teams are from the Cincinnati area.

If you have any questions or would like a package created just for your team, please contact me at 513-675-9884 or tklawitter23@gmail.com

Visit the SPONSORS menu above or click here to download the Sponsorship Brochure

Tim Klawitter
CWSC tourney director

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Signature Sponsors of the 2018 Cincinnati West Soccer Fest

Cincinnati West Soccer Club


Cincinnati West Soccer Fest

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